Yesterday in pole class my teacher mentioned how she someday wanted to create a pole studio that catered/embraced the LGBTQ community.  I never once considered how it must feel to be in a pole studio as an LGBTQ person and what the current experience might feel like.

As a straight Caucasian woman I have to regularly check myself and put myself in other folks’ shoes because I often only just think from my perspective which I feel is super privileged. I mean anything is possible but for the most part I don’t feel like a cop would pull a gun on me. 

Anyway this talk about an LGBTQ pole studio got me thinking what is going on with the LGBTQ community and what are some ways to make this community feel better.  Given the recent news let’s start with letting Transgender folks use the bathroom for their identified gender.

What is the big deal about letting transgender folks use the bathroom of their choosing?  I honestly don’t give a care who uses the same bathroom that I use.  I only care about the cleanliness of the toilet when I go to use it.  I have been working in the corporate world for 11ish years now and I cannot tell how any ladies’ room toilets look like a crime scene.  What’s going on ladies?  Seriously, there have been a few times where I thought someone gave birth on the toilet or set off a poop bomb.  WHY?????  Also, who is in that big of a hurry that the toilet seat liner is still on he toilet.  Really????? Look fucking behind you!

Maybe because I was a Girl Scout (campsite rule) or I have overflowed too many toilets in my time but keep that toilet clean. How hard is it to do a quick glance behind yourself and verify the toilet is flushed and nothing terrifying was left behind.

I bet if transgender folks where able to use the bathroom in which they felt most comfortable that the bathroon would look way nicer and the world in general would be a happier place.