I’m not going to lie its mostly been a hate kind of week.  I am in a difficult time in pole journey where I am confident with basic spins and climbing but am super frustrated with inverting.  I am trying to do a chopper or a V inversion and it feels impossible.

I think there are several things going on:

1. I am not comfortable going upside down.  There is definitely a bit of a mental block.  I am in general overly cautious and do not want to hurt myself.  Also, there is probably a control thing going on where if I go upside down I might feel too out of control.

2. I have really long legs.  I mean who would complain about this.  Long legs are awesome and hot but really terrible for inverting.  It is a lot more weight to throw over head and super frustrating when dancing with other folks who have shorter legs.

3. I do not have a lot of core strength especially lower core strength. There are other places where I am toned my stomach isn’t one of them.  I think also given my long legs I need extra core strength.

So, here I am I want to progress but feel really stuck and there are a lot of emotions tied in with this.  Its really easy to go negative super fast.  This is the time to step away from Instragram and to work on my inner cheerleader.  It may take me months (hopefully not years) but I will get there.  

The one thing that keeps me going is remembering the time my son was learning how to role over.  He struggled and cried but he didn’t give up.  I won’t either.