This year has not started off as my most healthiest of years.  Last week I caught my fourth cold and I can only really blame myself.  I have a super cute three year old who I love to kiss and snuggle so I pretty much get whatever he has.

I spent the whole month of January battling three colds and a sinus infection.  I have spent a lot of quality time in bed.  Also, to top it all off I food poisoned myself with a homemade vegan lasagna.  I promise I will stop buying bagged spinach!!!  I also think there is something going on with the Trader Joe’s mushrooms or maybe its mushrooms in general?  Maybe I need to take a break from cooking.

In any case, after I threw up the offending lasagna this morning I knew pole class was off the table. I was super bummed! The class is all strength and flexibility……which is what I need for those inversions.   On the plus side, I did work on conquering my fear of throwing up.  Throwing up like inverting makes me super scared and feel out of control. However, I knew it would be better on the other side.   I have had food poisoning where I absolutely would not vomit and I don’t recommend it.

I also have to say I was really proud of myself. If I can conquer one of my biggest fears then what else can I do?

So, my intention for next week is some extra self-love and patience.  Also, extra hours in bed and more hand washing.

Stay healthy folks…its all that really matters.