Note: legs pictured above are all thanks to running many many miles!

This week I had a realization that really refreshed my attitude and got me back on the pole.  Why was I being so hard on myself to do an inverted V?  I am a perfectionist and not always patient.  I see others in class nail incredible tricks or I watch fabulous pole dancers on Instragram and take for granted all of the work and dedication involved it nailing a specific move.  What I see are the successes but what I don’t see are the blood, sweat, and tears it took to get to that move.

After much thought and Internet research I figured I am not ready for the inverted V and that is totally okay.  I also realized how ridiculous I was being!  To do an inverted V you need to have a lot of arm and core strength.  Don’t get me wrong I have improved my arm and core strength so much in the last 8 months but my body is not there yet.

My default sport for the last 20 years has been running.  Running is an amazing form of exercise and it has given me some incredible life experiences.  I have run 5 marathons, tons of half marathons, made wonderful friends and pushed myself in ways I never thought possible.  The other thing running has given me are legs of steel and an ass that won’t quit (I’m just kidding I don’t even know what that means).  Bottom line, I have a lot of muscle in my body and like 80% of it resides it my lower half.  So this means that my poor upper half is seriously disadvantaged.  My upper half will get there but I need to be way more patient.  

In the meantime I decided to work on my climbs and really get them polished.  Wednesday and Saturday I had the best poling sessions in a long time!  I even learned how to do a front hook hold.  It was also really fun focusing on making my climbs artistic.  

The other incredible thing that happened was a friend sent me a video of Greta Pontarelli.  She is amazing!  Greta is 66 and started pole dancing when she was 59.  She is incredible to watch not because of her age but because she is a beautiful pole dancer.  

There have been so many times during this journey where I felt too old to start pole dancing but watching Greta I realize that I am completely wrong.  I also love how she competes with herself and does not compare herself with other dancers.  In the video I watched she mentioned that in her first class she could not even get up the pole. This made my want to cry because I have been there so many times and felt an instant bond with her.

So this next week I am going to continue on my journey and focus on my own small successes.