Roz the Diva….my number one pole idol!

This week I thought I would answer some questions I have recieved regarding pole fitness/dancing:

1. Does pole hurt your hands?

I definitely have calluses on my hand right now but I don’t all the time. When I am working on new moves or grips I tend to see more calluses.  They do not bother me and poling does not seem to ruin my fingernails.  I am able to get a gel manicure and keep it intact for about 3-4 weeks.  In addition to my hands, I also get some bruising. This definitely happens when trying to moves,  holds, climbs, etc.   As I get more familiar with the moves the bruises go away  and I notice new strength where I am executing the move.

2. Are you afraid how people will perceive you?

No. Living your life in fear of others’ perceptions is no fun and lends itself to a boring life.  Life is short and precious.  I don’t want to look back and say “I wish I had done that.”   Also, I remember as a teenager telling people that I wanted to grow up to be an “interesting person.”  

With that said, I am mindful of myself and my family and use my own judgement of what is acceptable.  Some readers were offended by the picture I posted last week.  I took the picture down but I will say I personally did not find the picture offensive.   The move I was executing was 4 months in the making and I was over the moon to do it!  I also took the picture myself and only had 10 seconds to do it.  My only criticism is that I should have had someone else take it and I should have used my crash mats……safety first.

3. What if someone calls CPS on you?  

For what? My three year old son has poled a little bit both with my partner and myself.  We use the crash mats and have both parents present for spotting.  Typically, he is being held/spotted with one parent while the other one watches.  We also have an X-pole that was carefully setup by my partner.  He also routinely checks it for me.

In regards to myself pole dancing, I do not believe it provides an unsafe environment for my child.  I take classes at a studio and practice in my garage.  I also find this question offensive and small minded.   There are many strippers out there who are great mothers. No one calls CPS on mothers because they are strippers. It is a JOB that provides for their families.  I am not a stripper but I would not judge someone who is. 

4.   What does your partner and son think of your pole dancing?

My partner has always been supportive of my hobbies.  When I did improv he attended all of my shows and has cheered me own during my running events. He bought and installed my pole for me. Contrary to popular belief, he does not sit in the garage and ogle while I practice. I think he is more worried I am going to accidentally kick and break one of his bikes.

My son thinks its cool.  He likes to see the new tricks I learn.  We watch tutorials together and he also likes to watch pole competition videos.  

5. Do you pole in heels?

I pole in heels about 75% of the time. When I first started I adamantly did not want to pole in heels. Then I had the privilege of studying with Rachele Ribera.   She is the pole heel master and taught me all that I know of poling in heels.  Seriously,  check her out on Instragram…..AMAZING!  

Now, I love to pole in heels because its fun and they act as ankle weights for toning and strength training.

6. Who are your pole idols?

So many!!!!! I will dedicate a whole separate post to this!