Last weekend I had the privilege of being in New York with my best friend!  This was an incredible trip that was much needed for my heart and soul.

I had the best time seeing the city, seeing the sun (Seattle was cloudy for the last 8 months), eating delicious food, and catching up with my wonderful friend.  
She took me to some incredible places like the Cloisters, Chelsea Market, and Central Park.  The weather was just perfect and I even got a sunburn from a long run we did in Liberty State Park.  

New York is a one of a kind special city.  So much to see! Also, coming from the west coast its amazing how different it is.  Everything feels historic and classic.  I even had a celebrity siting!  Our first night out I saw Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey in Grey’s Anatomy).  She was eating dinner across from me with her lovely family.  All I can say is that she is stunning in person and has good taste in middle eastern food.

I also had the privilege of taking a level 2 pole class at Body and Pole.  My teacher was Lara Michaels who the previous weekend won the Pro level USPDF championship (no big deal).  Lara, is down to earth and a really fun instructor.  

There were some moves in the class that I struggled with but she was great with spotting and keeping me motivated.  She has a positive and upbeat energy which is what I needed for working on my inversions.  Overall, I was super impressed with the studio and wish I could take classes there all of the time.  
When I got back from my NY trip I also had the pleasure of doing a one hour private session with Rachele Ribera the pole shoe master!  I recently got some 8 inch pleasers and was super exited to have Rachele guide me in how to walk and dance in them.

I did not think the session would be too physical and I was very wrong!  By the end of the session my ankles were shaking and my legs and arms were tired.  Rachele is so talented at what she does and each class/session I have had with her is hard.  You get your time and money’s worth.  I have to say that every class I have had with her (and really everyone of my teachers) have made me stronger and better.  
I have decided to video more of my poling to watch my progress as well as see the things that I need to improve.  I posted a video yesterday of a great spinning pole combo taught by my fabulous teacher Laura.  The video in no way is polished or fancy.  I can see a lot of mistakes but I love it because it captures a baseline.  I also love my determined and focused facial expressions….this is also something I am going to work on.

Next week I am traveling to London!  I am going to miss my little family so much but am so grateful and excited for this opportunity!  If I am lucky I am going to try to get a pole class in there too.

Much love and Happy Easter!