About two weeks ago I started to do the V-inversion by myself but I did not believe it actually happened.  My teacher was super excited but I kind of felt dumbfounded.  Fast forward two weeks to class yesterday and the above pictures show the proof!

I am super excited about this accomplishment and taking a moment to celebrate this success.  I feel like I rarely take time to celebrate the successes/wins in life and we should all do this more often.

This inversion represents the conquering of a lot of fear, the development of new muscles, many failures and frustration but most importantly a lot of patience with myself.  

Inverting is a really exciting milestone in my pole journey as it opens the door for more tricks. It is a pretty big building block and I remember being super frustrated that I was not there yet.  I just needed more time!

In class yesterday there where additional moves that we worked on but I was not quite there yet and that is okay!  When I feel like I am not progressing or keeping up with my classmates I think of Greta Ponteralli who competes only with herself.  I am taking baby steps and will be ready to accomplish more as I get more comfortable.

Pole is so physical and mental that usually when I see new tricks I need to watch them about hundred times before I internalize and feel comfortable with them.  I probably over think and analyze too much but maybe this will change over time.  

Who knew that pole could be so mental as well as physical?  It is also ever changing and there are always new things to learn.  I think that is why it gets you in amazing shape.  Your body is always been challenged and learning new things.  You can’t really coast…or maybe you can but I am not at the part of my pole journey.

Speaking of pole journeys, I am about to embark on another one!  I have signed up to do a performance at Emerald City for Pride weekend! It’s exciting and a little scary.  I need to come up with a routine all by myself but I am really ready to dive into it and play with different moves.  I have my music picked out and I am ready to start the creative and physical process.