Last week I was embarking on a 30 day inversion challenge until oops day 3 my left shoulder felt terrible and I wanted to die.  I was convinced I dislocated a rib and was pretty bummed.

To be perfectly honest my left shoulder has been my problem child with inverting and hurts every so often.  30 week inversion challenged stopped and instead I got a massage, acupuncture, and tried cupping for the first time.

This is what I discovered….my shoulders and neck are tight!!!  Both my therapist and acupuncturist were concerned and this is probably because I work at a computer 9 hours plus or minus a day.  During those 9ish hours I don’t move that much (I get super focused and lose track of time).  Sitting haunched over is no good!

I also carry around a very cute 3 almost 4 year old.  Not all of the time but last weekend I did take him to his first ball game! This was great but resulted in me doing a lot of carrying.  He is roughly 40 pounds so that did not help my muscle tightness.  

Instead of focusing on inversions.  I am upping my self-care game.  I invested in a Thera Cane for some self massage and will be doing more trips to the acupuncturist.  I was scared to try cupping but honestly it felt amazing. The whole session was amazing and so needed.  I also will do more standing at my desk and take more stretch breaks!  

Stay well!

XO LittleBirdKing