I had some great time off and got to do some fun trips to Santa Fe and Bend.  The last couple of weeks I have been getting back into poling.

I also decided to go off Facebook.  My friend in Santa Fe has been off for a year and a half and said it was amazing.  I have been enjoying my time off and given the recent events in the U.S. am super happy I am not on it.

I have had some health issues that I have slowed my down a bit and have needed some extra rest.

I had a bought of Mirena poisoning….okay maybe not so dramatic as that.  Mostly cycstic hormonal acne that I got rid of over a year ago with Accutane.  The acne came back and it was super annoying.  My OBGYN in the past mentioned the acne and did ask if I wanted the Mirena removed.  However, at that time I was sure the acne was due to weaning my son and figured I was fine.  Nope.

When the acne started coming back I decided to try Acupuncture and my usual person was on maternity leave.  My new Acupuncturist specializes in hormonal and fertility issues. When I told her I had not had a period in three years she freaked out.  She was like get the Mirena out now!  My regular OBGYN was not available for three weeks so instead I went to my local Planned Parenthood.  It was super easy, I got an appointment right away, and the whole experience from a patient perspective was great.  The only thing that was awful was the actual removal.

So the last couple of months I have been going through a Mirena detox.  I don’t think I experienced any kind of “Mirena crash” but that could be because my Acupuncturist gave me Chinese herbs to help elevate symptoms and get me back to normal.  

I would say my skin is clearing up…maybe?  I may go on another round of Accutane just to get through the acne.

The other thing is that I found lump on my breast.  I do monthly checks and am a lumpy bumpy person.  I had recent physical and my doctor had me do a breast diagnostic.  This means I got a mammogram followed up with an ultra-sound.  I was told everything looked good but my doctor wrote me back that she wants me to see a breast surgeon.  

So next week I am seeing a breast surgeon and having surgery…? Not going to lie when I scheduled my appointment I lost it.  The doctor I am seeing is a breast cancer specialist and it freaked me out. 

Also, my lump is under my nipple and get something removed there is not going to feel great.  Initially, I argued against going at all but after talking with my friend decided to do it.  I really hope that it is nothing or if there is something its really treatable.  

In the meantime, I am distracting myself by going to a Marlo Fisken workshop.