Its been a few weeks and I am happy to report my health is in good shape and I did not need breast surgery!

Turns out when you go off Mirena your hormones go crazy and as a result can have more prominent breast lumps.  So happy to be moving on from the Mirena and all of the fun health ramifications.

In more exciting news I have decided to compete in PSO (Pole Sport Organization) in November in Seattle.  I am super excited and a little freaked out!

I am competing in level 2 so I won’t be expected to do anything too crazy.  I can invert but from the floor which I would love to incorporate in a routine.  Initially, I was not going to sign up thinking I should have a couple more years under my belt but nothing like a competition to get more practice and to get better.

Also, I like the challenge and the creativity involved with building and performing a routine. Now, I need to think of a song, a routine, and a costume….so here I go!